A Comedy Tea Party 

A comedy tea party with a pop culture twist. Featuring the comedic stylings of Danny Felts, Adam Pasi, Deidre Lyons-Keef, and Whitney Streed. Hosted by Elizabeth Teets and Sabine Rear 

WHEN: March 21st, 6:30pm (doors at 6pm)
WHERE: The Tea Zone and Camellia Lounge, 510 NW 11th Avenue, 97209

ADMISSION: Free with one item minimum, reservations available in advance at 503-221-2130
MORE INFO: 503.341.6806 or elteets@gmail.com

WHY: Portland has many stand-up showcases, but none that dares to call itself a comedy tea party, and where audiences can also expect to hear jokes about all of their favorite pop culture subjects. A show, designed for comedy fans from 19-90, includes a discussion of the latest pop culture news along with some of Portland’s greatest stand-up acts. In this twist on the classic comedy showcase, comedians pull audience suggested pop culture topics and integrate them into their acts. Pop*ulari*tea seeks to blend the lowbrow and the highbrow in a new showcase that is smart, funny, and – god forbid – classy. Please join us in the heart of the pearl district March 21. 

About Pop*ulari*Tea 

Pop*ulari*Tea is the latest venture of comedian Elizabeth Teets and her partner in crime, popular culture enthusiast Sabine Rear. In their podcast and live shows the duo aims to dissect pop culture news with the help of Portland’s best comedians, poets, and artists.